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Rules and FAQ

New Town Volleyball


All participants in the league assume the risk of injury/illness. New Town Fitness, LLC/New Town Volleyball, its employees, and volunteers shall not be liable for injury to person or loss or damage to personal property arising from or in any way resulting from participation in the league.


League Rules - Coed 6's

●  Each team will play 3 games to 21 (must win by 2 with a cap at 23) – Rally scoring.

●  Teams will be allowed a 10 minute grace period before forfeiting their first game. After 5 additional

minutes (15 total) all three matches will be forfeited.

●  No more than 3 guys on the court at any time.

●  **Double contact IS allowed on a team’s first touch if it is a hard driven ball from the opponent as long as it happens during one motion. This is a standard sand volleyball rule. A ball can hit off the arms and bounce off of the chest. A ball cannot bounce off of the arms and then be kicked by the same player, as this is not one motion.**

●  **Sets will be called a lift if the entire momentum of the ball is stopped to an extent where it is deemed noticeable by the referee or elbows drop while contacting the ball on a set. It is normal for wrists and even forearms to drop while momentarily touching the ball. A moment of prolonged contact is fine, a split second is too long. This distinction will be determined and called by the referees, not by the players. (reference: Better at Beach)**

●  A block does not count as a touch. A team may block and still have 3 touches.

●  Substitutes can be used throughout the season. A roster must be filled out on the third week of the

season. No changes can be made for playoffs after this week. Rosters will be checked for each playoff game. Official rosters may include up to 5 guys and 5 girls. Players may only be on one roster for each division each night.

●  A team of 6 players can't have more than 3 guys.

●  A team of 3, 4, or 5 players due to not finding a sub may have up to 3 guys IF the other team allows.

●  A team of ALL girls IS allowed.

●  Serves may hit the net and go over.

●  Players in the net will be called.

●  Players can set the serve over the net as long as it is NOT in a downward motion.

●  Players may NOT attack (spike) or block the serve in a downward motion even if the player keeps two feet on the ground.

●  Players may use their feet to get the ball up but not over the net.

●  Players may set the ball over at any time.

●  Players may cross into the opponent’s area (generally during "pursuit" or during an attempt to save a

ball in or under the net) as long as they do not interfere with the opponents.

League Champion

● The team that wins the playoffs at the end of the session will be declared league champion.


House Rules

●  Unsportsmanlike conduct or abusive language towards the other team/referee will not be tolerated! May result in a forfeit of your game, removal from the premises, or expulsion from the league.

●  Children and/or adults not signed up for leagues are not allowed on the courts. Waivers are required.

●  You must always wear a shirt and shoes when entering the bar/restaurant areas.

●  Absolutely no outside food or drinks are allowed.

Play Offs

●  Winner determined by best 2 out of 3 games to 15 points (must win by 2 but 17 point cap) – Rally scoring. Championship games will all be played to 21.

●  Rosters must be finalized during week 3 of the regular season. Roster checks are allowed prior to match and enforced at opponents discretion.

●  Games cannot be held up due to teams having players on multiple teams, the normal 10 minute rule is enforced.

How much do leagues cost?

● All teams are $260 for a nine week session but there is a pay early option that saves your team $20.

How can I register and pay for my team?

● You may register and complete payment by going to and following the link to Playbook. “How To” videos for Playbook are listed on the website. For sponsorships, checks are accepted.


What is the difference between your divisions?

  • Low Rec: Most players have played before but are still learning the basics. No spiking at the net is allowed.

  • High Rec: More competitive play, skill level is moderate. Spiking is allowed.

  • Competitive play: Skill level ranges from competitive to open.


What is the rainout policy?

We will try and get all the games in and play in slight rain, but we don’t play in heavy rain or lightning. If you are unsure about the weather, please check our facebook page or website to see if the games are still on, canceled, or delayed. If your game is canceled you will be contacted about a makeup date. There might be a possibility of a double header. Weather will be updated day of on Facebook @newtownvolleyball

Can individuals sign up for league play?

We receive several inquiries from players that would like to be placed on a team. We do our best to put these players together to form a new team or put them in contact with existing teams needing a player. No guarantees. Please joining the “Players Looking for a Team” Facebook page.

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